Add environ arguments to argument parser.
For specific arguments implementation, see Env.add_argument().

parser (argparse.ArgumentParser) – The parser to add arguments.


argparse._ArgumentGroup – The argument group.

trojanzoo.environ.create(cmd_config_path=None, dataset_name=None, dataset=None, seed=None, data_seed=None, cudnn_benchmark=None, config=config, cache_threshold=None, verbose=None, color=None, device=None, tqdm=None, **kwargs)[source]
Load env values from config and command line.
  • dataset_name (str) – The dataset name.

  • dataset (str | trojanzoo.datasets.Dataset) – Dataset instance (required for model_ema) or dataset name (as the alias of dataset_name).

  • model (trojanzoo.models.Model) – Model instance.

  • config (Config) – The default parameter config.

  • **kwargs – The keyword arguments in keys of ['optim_args', 'train_args', 'writer_args'].


Env – The env instance.

class trojanzoo.environ.Env(*args, device='auto', **kwargs)[source]

The dict-like environment class that inherits trojanzoo.utils.module.Param. It should be singleton in most cases.


There is already an environ instance trojanzoo.environ.env. call create() to set its value.

NEVER call the class init method to create a new instance (unless you know what you’re doing).


device (str | device) –

Defaults to 'auto'.

  • 'auto' (use gpu if available)

  • 'cpu'

  • 'gpu' | 'cuda'

  • color (bool) – Whether to show colorful outputs in console using ASNI escape characters. Defaults to False.

  • num_gpus (int) – Number of available GPUs.

  • tqdm (bool) – Whether to use tqdm.tqdm to show progress bar. Defaults to False.

  • verbose (int) – The output level. Defaults to 0.

  • cudnn_benchmark (bool) – Whether to use torch.backends.cudnn.benchmark to accelerate without deterministic. Defaults to False.

  • cache_threshold (float) – the threshold (MB) to call torch.cuda.empty_cache. Defaults to None (never).

  • seed (int) – The random seed for numpy, torch and cuda.

  • data_seed (int) – Seed to process data (e.g., trojanzoo.datasets.Dataset.split_dataset())

  • device (device) – The default device to store tensors.

  • world_size (int) – Number of distributed machines. Defaults to 1.

classmethod add_argument(group)[source]

Add environ arguments to argument parser group. View source to see specific arguments.


This is the implementation of adding arguments. For users, please use add_argument() instead, which is more user-friendly.


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