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TrojanZoo [GitHub] [Docs]

TrojanZoo provides a universal pytorch platform to conduct security researches (especially backdoor attacks/defenses) of image classification in deep learning. All my research studies are using this powerful library. Docs and unit-tests are still in development.

Published on pypi, docker and github packages.

AlpsPlot [GitHub] [Docs]

My personal python plotting library of alps-lab style using matplotlib.

Published on pypi, docker and github packages.

trojanzoo_sphinx_theme [GitHub] [Demo]

I modify pytorch_sphinx_theme, remove auxiliary items and make it a generalized theme. It supports easy customization in your project without touching the package contents.

Published on pypi.

base [GitHub]

My personal automatic workflow to update docker environment of deep learning.

Published on docker and github packages.

As a Contributor

I’m trying to participate in the development and maintenance of many open-source packages.